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  • Builders Mutual Insurance Company implemented a post-accident drug/alcohol testing policy. As a policyholder of Builders Mutual, you are required to comply with this policy. Implementation of a drug and alcohol testing program can help protect your financial interest, your employees, and your job sites. BMIC’s Drug/Alcohol Testing Policy will first and foremost prevent individuals with a drug or alcohol dependency from abusing the workers’ compensation system and using your dollars to sustain an illegal habit. Individuals with drug and alcohol dependency also pose a threat to fellow employees, supervisors, and the general public as their actions can cause harm to those around them. Lastly, substance abuse can lead to criminal conduct to finance the habit. After each work-related injury, a drug and alcohol test should be performed on the injured employee and all other employees whose conduct could have contributed to the accident if there is a reasonable possibility that drug and/or alcohol use by the injured employee and/or co-employees could have contributed to the injury or illness. The test will be performed at the time medical treatment is first administered and the cost of the test will be covered by Builders Mutual as a reasonable claims expense. If the treating medical facility refuses to administer a drug and alcohol test, contact the Claims department at 1-800-809-4862 while the injured is still at the facility. This will enable the Claims department to contact the provider to make arrangements to have a drug and alcohol test administered. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Claims department at 1-800-809-4861.